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If you desire to participate in the National School Lunch/School Breakfast Programs, please visit the State Department of Education (SDE) home page and create a Single Sign On (SSO) account by clicking on the Oklahoma Single Sign On link under the Resources link. Once you have created a new SSO account, please send an e-mail to the Child Nutrition office informing them that an account has been created.  Once Child Nutrition has been alerted, they will request a Certificate of Authority (COA) showing who the Authorized Representative is. Once Child Nutrition has the COA and completes actions necessary to create an account you will be informed via email and can apply for access to the Child Nutrition Application/Claiming system by answering the questions below, entering your county and district code and clicking on "Next" for access to the on-line application.

Should you have any questions during this process, please call 405-521-3327. 
1.  Have you created an account in the single sign-on?  If not you must do so before applying to participate in this program, please see the instruction above.
2.  Have you provided a Certificate of Authority to Child Nutrition informing them who the Authorized Representative is?
3.  Please enter your county/district code below (example 55-I089)

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